Cabin Rental Management Questions. Pets or No Pets?

June 1, 2022

Cabin Rental Management is rewarding but full of decisions. One of the decisions you will have to make when you prepare your rental/investment property for the market is whether or not you will allow pets. There are pros and cons either way.

Many rental companies will encourage owners to allow pets as a way to increase revenues to the property.   If your property is not restricted by HOA or other rules for pets and has adequate outdoor space for the pet, it can be considered. There are some advantages to doing this, as well as some disadvantages.  First, we would suggest that if you are considering pets, limit the permission to DOGS only.  Cats can leave scents that are impossible to properly clean and will bother other guests.

Most people who travel with dogs have fairly well-behaved pets, and you can require that they bring crates to manage the pet in. Allowing guests to bring their pets will increase the number of possible guests to your place, and can increase your revenues.

On the downside, though, even well-trained pets can have accidents, or lift their leg on the furniture, etc. and once that happens it can become a “spot” for every dog following it.  Long-haired pets leave lots of hair, and many cleaning people will not clean pet-friendly cabins for this reason. (It can add three hours to a cleaning).  Cleaning up after guest dogs in the yard will also become a part of your responsibilities. Many pet-friendly properties will ask for a pet deposit— refundable or not refundable.

If you do plan to be “Pet Friendly”, make sure you verify with HOA that it is allowed, verify that your cleaners will take on the tasks, and figure out the true cost of cleaning and maintain the property.