How We Became The Leading Experts in Smoky Mountain Real Estate.

June 1, 2022

In real estate markets like ours in the Smokies, buyers and sellers need help! Because many live out of the area, they have to find a local partner to be their “boots on the ground” and guide them through the process of buying or selling. We have become that trusted partner in over 1,500 total Smoky Mountain real estate transactions, and here is how we did it:

  1. We live here. This would seem to be obvious, but it turns out there are a lot of agents selling property in the Smokies that don’t actually live here! In fact, some live as far away as Nashville, or even Florida! It is possible to complete real estate transactions from anywhere now in our virtual world for sure, but having an agent with the best local knowledge, longest relationships, and deepest knowledge of the community can give you a great advantage when buying or selling. We know traffic patterns, car show schedules, and the best views and share what we know.
  2. We’ve spent 15 years working at it. True expertise can’t be bought or created…it honestly has to be earned. A community is a living thing, and being part of it forges who you are. Our community has seen amazing change and challenges over the years – the housing boom of 2007, the Great Recession m Mortgage Crisis and Foreclosure market, the Gatlinburg Wildfires of 2016, rebuilding and new construction in 2018 and 2019, and the heated multiple-offer, quick sale market of 2020-2021. Throughout all of that, we were here, building an understanding of what a real estate market is, what makes a strong market, a weak market, and everything in between. We are confident that our opinions are based on fact and experience.
  3. We know the history. Our area is relatively small, and being in and around it all the time, we have a sense of the history of properties and neighborhoods. Where roads might flood, where winter weather is a problem, where the “Day Trader” scandal happened, what businesses have been in that spot before…..all kinds of things.
  4. We know the quirks of the market. Our market is like no other–when other areas slow down, we speed up. Holidays are strong sales times here we pay no attention to the school calendar, buyers have to view properties when they are available –not when they want to view them. We learn to show properties with the cleaning crews. We learn to do virtual showings and write offers “sight unseen” for investor clients. We know how to manage multiple offers from both the buying and selling sides. Much of this is unique to our market – and our agents are good at it.
  5. We work at it every day. Every day our team is updating and refining what we do to meet new market demands.
  6. We are good at what we do – our experienced agents are multi-million dollar producers, we have hundreds of 5-star reviews, and many, many awards over the years.
  7. We understand communication. We know that the biggest frustration real estate clients have is that communication can be very poor at times and that the more successful the team becomes, the more of a problem that can be. That’s why we have built-in redundant systems – we have professional receptionists answer our Team phone (865) 223-8082 who are trained to get our agents right away. We have office and admin staff that support our agents at all times, and all of our agents are skilled at quickly responding to requests. We know how critical this is and it is at the top of our list every day.

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