Furnishing Your Rental Property – Three Things To Know

furnishing your home
June 1, 2022

There are three important things to think about when you start making furnishing decisions for a rental property.

1.  It is not about what you like… it is about what your GUESTS like!  You may love a stylish urban loft look, with minimalist furnishings and cool colors, but that may not be what your customer has in mind.  Think about what a vacationer coming to the mountains would envision for their vacation spot, and try to get in alignment with that.  Check out local hotels and resorts to see what they are doing.

2.  Make a decision about quality vs. quantity.  High-quality furnishings can hold up better to the inevitable wear and tear that comes with overnight rentals, but it can also add significant expense to the start-up.  Less expensive furnishings can look great at the beginning but not last as long, and require a new investment fairly quickly.  Starting with less expensive furnishings and then “letting them go” is not a good option—guests expect things to be nice, and if they are stained, torn, broken, etc. you will definitely hear about it in your reviews!

3.  Grandma’s attic/ your garage is not a good option! When you purchase a rental property, it can be tempting to furnish it will all the stuff in the family garage/attic that you have been keeping but don’t really have a use for.  Unless you have exceptional items in your garage, the result of this will be a dated and “hodge-podge” look, like you just emptied your garage into the space, because of course, you did.   Since guests choose their properties from photographs, think about how this look will compare to thoughtfully decorated spaces.

Some local great resources to help you with your choices are:

1.  Smokys Furniture: Veteran’s Blvd Sevierville (865) 429-7773

2.  Logheads Home Center: 241 W Main St Sevierville (865) 365-1755

3.  Foothills Furniture: 2509 Newport Highway, Sevierville (865) 429-8400

4.  Wholesale Furniture and Linens 1215 Wears Valley Rd Sevierville (865) 366-6162