Essential Items For Your Rental Guests

June 1, 2022

To understand what rental guests expect for the onsite amenities that greet them as they enter the property for the first time is to understand a cross-section of contexts: the contemporary competition rental units have for attracting guests, the length the guests have to go to arrive at their destination, and the special requests or needs the guests may have.

We have compiled a list from the top rental websites providing a list of essential items recommended you keep in your unit or home.

* Kitchen *
– Basic Condiments; ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc.
– Coffee Maker.
– Cutting Knives for guests’ convenience.
– Dishwasher.
– Disposable Cups.
– Drinking Cups; some for adults and some for small children.
– Electric Can Opener.
– Full-Size Refrigerator.
– Hard Dishware.
– High Chair.
– Kettle.
– Paper Towels.
– Pizza Cutter.
– Reusable Washcloths.
– Serving Bowl For Groups.
– Serving Platter For Groups.
– Serving Utensils.

* Bathroom *
– Bath Mat.
– Bath Towels: recommended 2 per guest.
– Body Soap For Shower.
– Box of All-Purpose Tissues.
– Convenience Tampons.
– Disposable Razors.
– Hand Soap Bar.
– Hand Towels; recommended 2 per guest.
– Liquid Hand Soap.
– Plunger.
– Q-Tips.
– Rubbing Alcohol.
– Shampoo For Shower.
– Shower Curtain Liners.
– Shower or Shower/Tub.
– Small Convenience Trash Can.
– Toilet Brush.
– Toilet Paper; recommended 2 per guest.

* Main Room/Living Room *
– Box of Tissues.
– Broom.
– Carbon Monoxide Detectors.
– CD Player With FM Radio.
– DVD or BluRay Player.
– Emergency Candles.
– Emergency Flashlight With Batteries.
– Fire Extinguisher.
– Firewood For Fireplace, if applicable.
– Replacement Light Bulbs.
– Safety Locks.
– TV Remote Control Batteries.
– USB Charging Stations.
– Wireless Internet.

* Bedrooms *
– Alarm Clock With FM Radio.
– Bed Blankets; recommended 3 per guest.
– Box Fan.
– Clothing Drawers.
– Crib.
– Full-Length Mirror.
– Hangers For Closet.
– Luggage Rack For Closet.
– Moisture Absorbers For Closet.
– Pillows; recommended 2 per guest.
– USB Charging Station.

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